300,000 elderly ‘struggling with unmet care needs and chronic loneliness’

ITV News reports:

Age UK has highlighted the fact that hundreds of thousands of elderly people in Britain are struggling to cope with loneliness and are not having their care need met.

The charity has stated that there were more than a million older people who needed care but did not receive it from any source – whether that be from family, friends, neighbours, or their local council.

Age UK also goes on to say that for those people who did receive some sort of care or support, they were much less likely to be lonely. Their research has shown that loneliness not only has an adverse affect on quality of life, it can also make people more susceptible to illness.

PHC Home Care comment:

Modern day society appears to be far less caring and considerate of people’s needs – particularly when it comes to the elderly. Just a simple ‘hello’ over the garden fence or better still, time spent with an elderly relative or neighbour can make the world of a difference. It can also help highlight and bring to attention that person’s need for more dedicated care, whether from within the family, the local authority or specialist care provider.

Read the full story here. 

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