Care service assessment

PHC Home Care services are highly bespoke, with each of our care packages carefully tailored to the needs of the individual to ensure that the best possible support is provided.

Every person requiring care will first be carefully assessed to help identify the type and duration of care or help required. Typically this will include a pre-arranged confidential home or hospital visit, depending on current residential status.

The registered care manager, or one of the PHC Home Care team members, will discuss individual requirements and outline the range of services that can be provided. This will then be formalised into an assessment of needs, enabling a final decision to be made by the person needing care, any family members involved, and the care team as to whether the required service can go ahead and be organised.

This initial set of information will form a key part of the support plan that will finally be agreed with both the individual and all parties concerned with the health and well being of the person requiring support.

A formal Policy and Procedures document will also be drawn up and made available to the individual needing care, as well as family members and will form the basis of the PHC Home Care on-going service agreement.