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Beware Of Credit Card Fraudsters

The elderly and housebound can be especially prone to door to door fraudsters, particularly during the run up to Christmas. It is important that we all stay one step ahead of criminals looking to take advantage of vulnerable individuals. 

Please do take time to watch the excellent video linked below which has been created by the Safer Neighbourhood Team of the Metropolitan Police, South Richmond.


Nearly half of UK adults cannot name a single type of dementia

Nearly 50 per cent of UK adults are unable to name a single type of dementia, according to Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Jill Rennie has written a very interesting article that has just appeared on website Here is a snippet of what she has to say:

In response to this findings, Alzheimer’s Research UK and Ricoh have teamed up with a powerful awareness campaign Dementia Uncovered which includes a series of hard-hitting films that highlight the experiences of people living with different types of dementia.

‘Eye-opening results’ show ‘far fewer can name other forms of dementia’

Ian Wilson, chief executive of Alzheimer’s Research UK, said: “The eye-opening results from this survey show that while many people recognise Alzheimer’s disease as a cause of dementia, and 92 per cent associate memory loss with the condition, far fewer can name other forms of dementia or the wide range of symptoms they bring.

To read the full article, visit the website.

Schoolboy releases song about his grandma’s dementia

Schoolboy Harry Gardner has released a song about his grandma’s dementia to help raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Please help fight Alzheimer’s disease by downloading Harry’s song on ITunes for 99p here.

Or go to A.mazon Music

You can also see Harry’s official video here.

PHC Home Care comment:

This is a brilliant initiative. Harry has already had nearly 250k views of his official song video, which suggests people of all ages are now becoming more aware of the problems Dementia can impose on loved ones and as a consequence, the broader family.

Dementia: A month in the life – BBC News

Three people give a personal insight into living with dementia.

See the full documentary:

PHC Home Care comment:

This excellent BBC documentary provides a moving insight into how people live with dementia. It makes you realise how important it is for a loved one suffering from dementia to have support available from family members or professional carers. This is particularly so when symptoms get worse and the person living with this awful illness can no longer cope with the day-to-day activities that we all take for granted.