Case Studies & Testimonials

Home Care  Case study

phc-case-studiesWe will always endeavour to meet all of the caring needs of the many people we look after, however challenging their situation may be.

Here is just one example of how the PHC Home Care team were able to deliver a care package that significantly improved  the lives of an elderly couple, where the husband was the main carer in the household:

‘M’ is  a 92-year-old lady who was in and out of residential care (and hospitals) due to sudden memory loss – misdiagnosed as the onset of dementia. It later transpired that her memory loss was most likely caused by a combination of a sustained urine infection and poor hygienic conditions.

Her husband as the main carer found it increasingly difficult as his wife was uncooperative and kept lashing out at him, which left him feeling frail. In addition, he felt unhappy and very distraught by being continuously separated from his wife and family.

The local Health and Rehabilitation Team approached PHC Home Care as the lady had a history of multiple falls, due to poor nutrition.

The support solution

After an initial assessment PHC Home Care put together a care package with minimum intervention as it was strongly felt that the lady only needed a slight adjustment in her daily routine.

It further became evident that M’s behaviour was partly caused by the fact that she didn’t want her husband as the main carer for her personal care needs as she found his involvement highly intrusive and preferred a third party.

The Personal Care Package that was put together by PHC Home Care consisted of 2 calls daily – a morning call for personal care and grooming, and an evening call for putting the lady back to bed.

These calls greatly contributed to a better eating and drinking routine, alongside improved hygienic conditions.


18 months down the road both husband and wife are settled, enjoying their 64 years of being together. The following Christmas was a highlight, as this was the first Christmas that they had been together as a family after a period of four years. M has not required any hospital admission and is thriving well at home with the continued frequency of daily calls.

Home Care Testimonials

We regularly seek feedback from the people we provide care for and their family members in order to continually improve the services we offer.

The following is a typical example of the positive comments our founder Evelyn A-Kum frequently receives:

Dear Evelyn,

I just wanted to write to you and thank you for the support you have given to my mother over the last couple of years.

As you know my brother lives abroad and I live in Devon and we rely heavily on the efficiency and care that PHC Home Care provides.

When my mother sadly had a fall, your carer, Margaret, was outstanding, staying with her until I was able to get to London.

Her current carer, Anna, is just perfect for my mother and having personally met her also I am impressed by the genuine concern she shows for my mother’s well-being.

Your carers are backed up by a similar level of support in the office which I know my mother relies on, as she values having the same carer without too many changes.

My brother and I are grateful that we are able to rely on PHC Home Care and thank you for your personal interest as well in my mother’s well-being.

B. C – Devon