aboutPHC Home Care (formerly known as ‘Pinner Home Care’) is an independent Domiciliary Care Agency based in the Harrow and surrounding area providing personal care and support for people within the comfort of their own living environment. Through a team of trained carers and managers, PHC provides care services to private sector individuals as well as those who have been referred by local authorities and Social Services.

The care agency registered for business in March 2006. Our founder Evelyn A-Kum, is a healthcare professional with over 20 years experience as a District Nurse. She is passionate about helping people maintain their independence and together with her team, takes an active ‘hands on’ role in the day to day management of PHC.

Over the years, Evelyn has developed an extensive network of professional support to assist in keeping up to date with health and safety guidelines, best practice care and support processes and high quality staff recruitment. This approach has ensured that PHC Home Care has remained highly compliant with Care Quality Commission guidelines and able to expand its range of services to meet the changing and future needs of the people it serves and the local environment it operates within.

What makes PHC Home Care different

We aim to provide outstanding levels of care and commitment by adhering to a strong set of values that ensure our team always care for people with compassion and the dignity they deserve.

We are never complacent and regularly seek feedback from the people we provide care for, their family members and local authorities and partners that we deal with on a day-to-day basis. 

This practice ensures that PHC Home Care always delivers the highest level of service, helping make us one of the premier care agencies in the local area.

What people tell us they like about PHC Home Care

  • We always go the extra mile
  • We offer a truly bespoke and flexible service
  • Our team’s many years of caring experience
  • Our district nursing expertise
  • Our care teaching experience and training methods
  • Our local knowledge and expertise
  • The strong connections we have with local authorities and Social Services
  • Our compassionate approach
  • The wide range of services and help we provide

phc-aboutIt is our people who make the biggest difference of all to the care service we provide. The PHC Home Care team is dedicated to helping people manage their lives in their own homes and we will only employ carers that meet our strict criteria of technical caring expertise and compassion for people that need that extra bit of help to maintain a good quality of life and above all their dignity and self-worth.

A day in the life of a PHC Carer

A typical day for one of our carers  can be both varied and challenging, but most of all, rewarding. Here are some insights from a carer that help to explain why the role can be so enjoyable and the variety of support we provide:

“Before I applied for this job I cared for my grandad who had Alzheimer’s. During his final years, I looked after most of his daily needs as he slowly  became more and more dependent on others for help.

“It was whilst looking after my grandad that I developed an interest and passion in  caring for the elderly.

“When I first started working at PHC Home Care, my manager trained me in the skills of looking after and caring for two people to begin with, so I had a great opportunity to build a good trusting relationship with them. I regularly look after these same two people today, in addition to other responsibilities.

“I feel that the people I care for trust me and if they have any concerns, they will immediately raise them with me. If necessary, I will seek advice from the PHC management team with regards to any concerns that are brought to my attention. Someone is always on hand to ensure every day runs as smoothly as possible.

“During my usual working day I carry out the following care tasks:

  • Assist those in my care with getting in and out of bed, washing and dressing
  • Providing them with a bed bath, denture care, comb hair etc.
  • Prepare their meals for the day
  • Administer medication throughout the day at times specified by their GP
  • Carry out light house work such as laundry, hoovering and dusting

“It is really important that people stay as physically active as possible, so I regularly support those in my care with general mobility and exercise. This will include exercises to maintain movement and good circulation. During the warm sunny days I will often take them in their wheelchair to the local park where we will often sit and have a chat and cup of tea.

“Maintaining personal dignity and appearance is also very important. I always wash a person’s hair and style it the way they like it on a daily basis as well as clean and cut their nails to the length they like.

” I have found that people who are housebound really enjoy being read to, whether that be their latest book or the daily newspaper. I also love chatting and reminiscing with them about their past and family life. Just having someone around for even a short time to watch television with can make all the difference to their day.

“Overall I find my job very rewarding, and I get great satisfaction as a carer as people are so grateful for every little thing you do for them, even if it is just having a chat and asking them how they are.

“I love reminiscing with them and seeing how times have changed from when they were growing up. Some of the people I care for  have lived through two world wars and hearing their stories first hand is better than reading about any war in a history book, in school or from a book shop shelf.”

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