300,000 elderly ‘struggling with unmet care needs and chronic loneliness’

ITV News reports:

Age UK has highlighted the fact that hundreds of thousands of elderly people in Britain are struggling to cope with loneliness and are not having their care need met.

The charity has stated that there were more than a million older people who needed care but did not receive it from any source – whether that be from family, friends, neighbours, or their local council.

Age UK also goes on to say that for those people who did receive some sort of care or support, they were much less likely to be lonely. Their research has shown that loneliness not only has an adverse affect on quality of life, it can also make people more susceptible to illness.

PHC Home Care comment:

Modern day society appears to be far less caring and considerate of people’s needs – particularly when it comes to the elderly. Just a simple ‘hello’ over the garden fence or better still, time spent with an elderly relative or neighbour can make the world of a difference. It can also help highlight and bring to attention that person’s need for more dedicated care, whether from within the family, the local authority or specialist care provider.

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Older people feel ‘more serene’ than younger adults – The Daily Telegraph

A study carried out by the University of Massachusetts Amherst, has found that elderly people have more calming positive emotions than their younger counterparts.

University study leader Rebecca Ready said: “Older adults report feeling more serenity than younger persons. They also have a richer concept of what it means to feel serene than younger persons.”

PHC Home Care comment:

We have always known that elderly people can bring balance and the benefit of life experience to younger generations. This study highlights yet another positive aspect of growing old that should be welcomed and learnt from by people of all ages.

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Older people paying the price for cuts in social care

According to a report published by the Kings Fund and the Nuffield Trust, the care and support that elderly people receive is increasingly dependent on where they live and how much money they have, rather than their specific care needs.

Ruth Thorlby, Deputy Director of Policy at the Nuffield Trust said:

“No one can predict whether they will have care needs later in life. But if they do find they need help with the basics – eating, washing, going to the toilet – most will discover that unlike a health problem where care is free, they somehow have to manage themselves.

“Our research found that local authorities have done their best to make savings while protecting funding for the poorest, but care providers are struggling on the low fees councils can afford. Shortages of home care staff and affordable care home places mean older people are often stuck in hospital, putting both their lives and vital NHS processes on hold.

“The number of older people needing care is increasing and yet we are continuing to put less money in. Unmet need is rising, providers are threatening to pull out of contracts, the wellbeing of carers is deteriorating, access to care is getting worse. A Government that wants to create ‘a country which works for everyone’ should not tolerate the oldest and most vulnerable falling into a social care system riddled with holes.”

PHC Home Care comment:

It is imperative that affordable care is made available to all those that need it. This latest report has further highlighted the seriousness of the issues facing the health service and in particular the care industry both now and in the future. Hopefully our government will have taken note and will be addressing the problem in this year’s autumn statement.

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Schoolboy releases song about his grandma’s dementia

Schoolboy Harry Gardner has released a song about his grandma’s dementia to help raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Please help fight Alzheimer’s disease by downloading Harry’s song on ITunes for 99p here.

Or go to A.mazon Music

You can also see Harry’s official video here.

PHC Home Care comment:

This is a brilliant initiative. Harry has already had nearly 250k views of his official song video, which suggests people of all ages are now becoming more aware of the problems Dementia can impose on loved ones and as a consequence, the broader family.

Dementia: A month in the life – BBC News

Three people give a personal insight into living with dementia.

See the full documentary:

PHC Home Care comment:

This excellent BBC documentary provides a moving insight into how people live with dementia. It makes you realise how important it is for a loved one suffering from dementia to have support available from family members or professional carers. This is particularly so when symptoms get worse and the person living with this awful illness can no longer cope with the day-to-day activities that we all take for granted.